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Anna Kay » A Cleavage Made To Motorboat

A Cleavage Made To Motorboat
Anna Kay's deep cleavage was made to slide into. With your face. With your boner. Anna knows this. And being a sharing kind of girl, Anna is happy to offer her treasures for a man's worship. You've got to appreciate that. Because a girl as stacked and as pretty as she must not go to waste or be neglected. "In a lot of ways I've been conservative about sex, but as I get older I find that I want to try new things," Anna admitted. "I get bored very easily, so I've been wanting to do things that are out of the norm more and more. I don't like just the same old wham-bam every time. I need to spice it up. A lot of guys haven't had the chance to experience what it's like to have titty-sex with big boobs. Because with little boobs they can kind of rub on them, but they're not going to fit around their dick like a coochie. And they just love the fact that they can do that, that my tits will actually wrap all the way around their cock. And then they just love being to squirt on your face and your titties." Now about those tits. How does Anna support them? "I go to a store that makes bras specially for bigger-chested women. I went from a DDD to an F without even realizing it. My bras just stopped fitting. So I went to the mall to get fitted and they told me that I was a 36DDD but those bras were just not fitting. Three women measured me at that size, but the bras were just not fitting me. So I had to keep on trying out bras until I found one that fit. And that's a 44F." You rock, Anna.
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  • matt: "It truely impossible for her to give a bad phot …"
  • Al: "Anna Kay is just stunning - I'd love to see mor …"
  • Dave: "Anna Kay is my favorite model. She is so beauti …"
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3 Member Comments
Added on 05/20/2011 11:56am
It truely impossible for her to give a bad photoshoot, she is just stunning ! ! !
Added on 05/11/2011 3:00am
Anna Kay is just stunning - I'd love to see more of her!
Added on 05/09/2011 11:27pm
Anna Kay is my favorite model. She is so beautiful!
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