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Angelina's big, wet, soapy tits and ass show

Featuring: Angelina Vallem
Date: July 2nd, 2012
Photos: 55
It's bath time with Czech hottie Angelina Vallem, and you know what that means. Big, wet tits with water cascading off erect nipples. Plump, soapy ass cheeks. Extra-wet cunt. For most people, bath time means getting clean. For Angelina, it means getting dirty. Check out these photos. Look at how Angelina maintains eye-contact with the camera whether she's tugging on her giant nips or spreading her pretty, pink pussy. There's nothing shy about her. "I am a large girl, and you know that growing up, people can be cruel to you about weight and having big boobs or big buttocks," Angelina told our translator.

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