All Plump, All Natural, All Stacked.

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Heavy Hooters Need Cum

Featuring Analee Sands
Date June 27th, 2016
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Analee Sands truly fits the definition of "All Stacked, All Natural, All Plump." What a babe! Her fetish was CMNF aka "Clothed Man Nude Female" sex. Her fantasy was to have her own nude beach. Analee: I'm a dick chick. XL Girls: Does the size matter? Analee: Not really, as long as you hit the right spot. XL Girls: Have your boobs ever fallen out of a bra or shirt by accident? Analee: More times than I can count. My family hates it when I wear tanktops. I'll bend over too far and my boobs just migrate and fall out. I love horse-back riding, and the joke was that they needed duct tape and a bungee chord to hold my boobs in. I need to wear two sports bras to ride a horse for 10 minutes. XL Girls: Your boobs fell out while you were riding a horse? Analee: One time they did, yes. And my family never let me live it down. They were just bouncing around so much, and I was wearing a regular bra, and there was no way they were going to stay inside. XL Girls: Now you embrace your boobs and want to show them off? Analee: Sometimes.

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August 31, 2016
I love this beauty queen.

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