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Date: May 2nd, 2011
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Wow! Damn!! Double damn!! Analee Sands in a pink bikini! It's always summer with Analee. This may be one of the all-time knockout pictorials of pulchritude on XLGirls. You are the judge, so comment below or let the verdict stand! There's oiling too because the opportunity was too good to let slip through the ol' XL fingers. A collection of choice comments by Analee starts with her lovely big tits: "There's one guy who can never remember my name until he sees my boobs. Once he recognizes my boobs my name automatically pops in his head. Some guys have a habit of talking to them like people." Her ass: "One thing I hear my ass called a lot is ba-donk-a-donk. And there've been some other odd things. I do have a lot of friends who don't recognize me unless I'm walking away, and that's because they only recognize my ass." Bras: "I try to wear one all the time because it's easier on me. If I don't, my boobs clap. When you walk most people have a little jiggle to them.

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March 26, 2018
Her appearance is breathtaking. She is cute and sexy.
I love her performance. I am a great admirer, I adore her beautiful perfect body.
November 28, 2016
this photo set is not what photographer usually deliver to us, this one has incredibly 11 complete full body shots nude and semi-nude, standing straight almost, there is one stunning full body side view of her amazing body and finally boobs are not covered by hands they are just hanging free, this set is going against the cameraman's path shown up to now because he always takes the opposite row, he delivers tons of close ups, tons of from below boobs angle shots, tons of cropped body pics, tons of poses laying down, seated, you name it, but almost never is his priority to capture the model standing straight no bending her body just with arms down, showing the boobs naturally hanging free alone with no hands covering or grabbing, not depicting full body on still and video seems to be the least of priorities, that seems like a tendency or a rule, they seems to avoid showing the complete FULL BODY ON STILL OR VIDEO there are always plenty of shots of every single possible pose or camera angle but FULL BODY SHOTS LIKE THIS PHOTO SET is rare, they became almost extinct from photographers camera and pose repertoire, that is why this photo set must be done by another photographer that is going against what the rest of score photographer tend to keep doing, or is the same cameraman but now he decided to do it, anyway this is outside the box, imagine if every photo set and video dedicate the time to capture the whole beauty of a model in this way presented on this photo set, feel now the difference, now you have beautiful close-up shots, from below angle shots, cropped body pics, but you also feel good because you know that cameraman took time to step back from model and not only deliver to us just close up pics he got the time to capture the whole body that makes the difference, frustration comes when we only find tons of close ups, and every single possible pose and camera angle but not even 1 full body shot. BRAVO THIS IS STUNNING WELL DONE, A NICE BALANCE VARIETY OF PICS, NOT LEAVING OUT THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE THE FULL BODY SHOT, with just 3 is enough FRONT, BACK and SIDE view, and just 15 seconds on video is at least OK when model stand straight and rotate showing the body not covering or grabbing boobs, not bending her body just straight until camera register her full body as natural as she is with camera placed at a normal height just like any person next to her watching her body rotating slowly, then cameraman can go and take tons of other poses and angle shots. THANKS FOR THIS INCREDIBLY WELL EXECUTED PHOTO SET....
December 20, 2014
holy shit she is outstanding hot
August 12, 2012
Mid-west hottness at it's finest
September 19, 2011
she looks so happy
September 07, 2011
Wow...amazing body. Putting a bikini on that body was an awesome idea.

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