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The Hot Date

Featuring: Alyson Galen
Date: February 12th, 2016
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Alyson Galen is having date night with Tarzan. It was planned as a TV and chill date but who can chill with this girl next to you? Her monumental mams, a pair of the biggest ever seen at XL Girls, should not take second place to some boring TV series. Alyson came to XL Girls through the encouragement of her extra-generous boyfriend, an XL Girls fan, and he doesn't mind Alyson getting some stiffie from this living room stunt cock. They'll no doubt be watching this scene at home and getting it on as they watch or right after. What a great girlfriend. Tarzan works over Alyson's huge, pliable hangers. She pulls them out of her top and buries his wood between them. Alyson could make the biggest dicks vanish. She pulls his face in and that disappears. She takes turns fucking him and swallowing his cock down her throat.

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October 22, 2016
OMG Alyson I would DIE if I saw you in that outfit! OMG your TUMMY, YOUR HIPS, your PUSSY BULGE and your LEGS ARE HEAVEN ON EARTH IN THAT SKIRT!!! OMG I LOVE your ASS IN THAT SKIRT!!! Oh my LORD you are a PERFECT DREEEEAM HEAVEN BBW!!! This guy I like because his penis is about my size, not a disgusting horse cock in a porn that I would never watch with my girlfriend! I frankly am bored to death with penis sucking, then inside the pussy (or anal) then, you guessed it-cum in her face, it is 97% of ALL boring porn. I WANT to KISS & SMELL EVERY SINGLE INCH OF HER, SUCK ALL HER TOES & HER FEET, LICK HER UNDER ARMS, KISS HER, MAKE OUT WITH HER FOR HOURS, or MASSAGE her touch every inch of her for HOURS, & LICK her PUSSY FOR HOURS & ESPECIALLY SMEEEEELL & LICK HER HEAVEN BIG BUTT & HER PARADISE ON EARTH ASSHOLE; I wish I could be with her instead of him.
February 16, 2016
She Looks so great in this Dress! So hot!
February 13, 2016
exelent mode more please

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