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Meet Alyson Galen

Meet new XLGirl Alyson Galen. Alyson tells us her huge boobs developed young and she was always the bustiest girl in school. "I wear a bra all the time except when I'm going to sleep," Alyson says. She doesn't know how much they weigh but they look plenty heavy. Check out those super-wide areolae, some of the widest ever seen on any of our big-boob sites. Alyson had never posed naked before. She was encouraged by her boyfriend, a fan of the magazine and site. This is always a great way to discover new models who are regular girls-next-door. So for that act of selfless dedication, we thank him. Alyson has also never masturbated before on-camera so this was a new experience for her, and from seeing her first video, we'd say she had a fine, shivery rub-out session despite her nervousness! Thanks, Alyson.
Featuring: Alyson Galen
Date: May 18th, 2012
Duration: 50

Member Comments

2 years ago 
deliciosa que rica esta me encanta mas porfa
5 years ago 
Oh my LORD Thank you so much for finding the most perfect women on earth!! Alyson is fat heaven on earth, I want to worship and kiss and love every single fat goddess inch of her!!
5 years ago 
I love the first ten shots because her outfit is SO hot in how it super-accentuates her Gorgeous Curves. Alyson honey you are way sexy. TSG, thank you for putting her on a DVD, she's beautiful.
5 years ago 
Shed verry nice. Ide like to be with her.
Lets see more of her.
5 years ago 
Pretty lady, incredible breasts......absolutely awesome........
5 years ago 
Alyson did great! I love the girl-next-door look and demeanor. It's also good to see
a woman masturbate that doesn't seem to exaggerate the moaning or use of profanity to
supposedly make it more arousing. Maybe some guys like that, but I like it to be more
natural. I believe Alyson masturbated on camera the way she does in real life, with
the exception of talking to the camera. More girls like her please, and also more
pictures of simply modeling without masturbating or having sex. Sometimes that's nice
too just to enjoy the beauty of these really sexy and absolutely gorgeous ladies.
5 years ago 
This really is an exceptional solo set. Alyson has a great body with plump thighs, ass, and belly that make my mouth water. I love her pale skin and her knowing eyes and smile. I hope we see more of Alyson soon.
5 years ago 
A great set Alyson and thank you for enjoying the shoot so much. It really comes through in your natural smile which is so sexy and really adds to our pleasure. Love the strappy heels btw.
6 years ago 
She has the largest areolas I have ever seen. She is heaven. MORE PLEASE!
6 years ago 
Alyson is an angel.! What a Beautiful Big Boob Vixen.
More of her please!
6 years ago 
Great choice in models! Let's see more super-voluptuous women like Sweety and Alyson. Kudos to the
photographer for distinct color differences between the model and the background, so as to show all
the curves.
6 years ago 
She has an awesome body,sexy thighs, nice plump ass,titties galore,and best of all...a pretty face to go with the package.
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