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Meet Amiee Roberts. She's from California and works in accounting. You can tell she's familiar with large numbers. Amiee likes to dress in shorts, tank tops and heels and when it gets chilly, jeans. If she dresses in a tank top at the office, it's a sure bet that no one gets any work done. "My bra size is 40H. My tits seem to be getting bigger and I like playing with them," says Amiee. She picked the right place to unveil. XL Girls is the spot for her. "I like shoving them in a guy's face." "I have to have my bras fitted.
Featuring: Amiee Roberts
Date: September 3rd, 2015
Duration: 50

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Wow! Gorgeous! My favorite model since Sapphire.
2 years ago 
I am in love - especially with the ass :)
2 years ago 
The best update i have seen in Ages.i love her slick pink knickers.lovely and silky.Aimee is a very Spanky looking girl.i would love to see her with a very Hairy Fanny.high heels and her hair in pig tails!Aimee makes an old mans day!
2 years ago 
Aimee is exactly why I am a member of this site. What a sweet gorgeous meaty piece of ass. Pic 36 is inspired, I love it.
2 years ago 
She is just a Goddess of Beauty. Please Score bring her a lot more of her, and perhaps if is possible can you dress her up like a greek goddess or a Egyptian queen, because she will look stunning beautiful is that kind of costume we all will love to to see her.. THANKS
2 years ago 
Amiee is incredible. A natural beauty and a body to die for. More please.
2 years ago 
Beautiful new model... you guys must really want my membership.
2 years ago 
Aimee is Beautiful. I hope she does XXX. i would love to see her ride.
2 years ago 
Aimee, I love your beautiful, round body and sweet face. I hope you pose for many more photo sets!
2 years ago 
You hit the baseball right out of the ball park on this one... and scored a magnificent home run too !!.

I hope Miss (or Mrs. !!) Amiee Roberts is the first amongst the many more "New Discoveries" which XLGirls may have for us during the reminder of 2015 !!.

My only gripe is that Amiee could have chosen a "minimalist" choice of dress (or undress rather !!) in the form of bikini string panties and a pair of high heels... instead of those ugly looking pink lace bra and lace panty-garter belt- stocking combo which she chose for this set !!. Tch Tch !!

Otherwise, a lovely "RIPE and READY FOR THE PIPE !!" package with an enormous, succulent pair of big jugs, a juicy as well as big cunt UP FRONT and a MAGNIFICENT BIG, ASS UP REAR as evidenced in the very last photo !!.
I hope and trust this groovy chick GOES ALL THE WAY and if she does, we would be pleased as punch !!.
J-Mac, Rocky and the platoon of Score Studs must be waiting in delight. I hope J-Mac gets to pile drive and Rocky gets to ass-ream this chick respectively !!!
2 years ago 
Nice addition to the site!!! Would love to see some full body shots in the next set.
2 years ago are absolutely gorgeous babe. What an amazing body and a beautiful naughty but nice face. Please come back lots for us here at XL Girls. I would just love to see you hardcore. I came in pints jacking for you!
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