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Victoria Lane » Teach Is Stacked

Teach Is Stacked
Victoria is all-American, born in Kansas and a resident of Virginia. She makes the perfect schoolteacher for us. If you're bored of education, this video will reactivate your interest in school marms. "In school, I played basketball and I was a cheerleader," Victoria told us. "I actually work as a nurse so teaching a sex ed class is not really a fantasy because a lot of nurses also do instruction in that field. I had a lot of fun doing this and I really got into it. Does it show?" Yes, and Victoria's 42 inch boobs under a see-through blouse and placed into a '50s style brassiere does show. Enjoy! Running Time: 19:01
Featuring: Victoria Lane in 19:01 mins of Solo
BBW Video of Victoria Lane in Teach Is Stacked
BBW Victoria Lane Chubby Victoria Lane
XL Victoria Lane Big Tit Victoria Lane
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Member Comments

8 Member Comments
Added on 08/25/2012 6:29pm
Best girl, best video.
Added on 07/16/2011 10:52pm
love victoria but in her videos all she does is play with her tits fine but lets add johnosns some baby oil and see whats pop out
Added on 03/12/2011 5:07am
My Dear Victoria, you may lecture me anytime. I will be your teacher's pet!
Jose Juan
Added on 12/08/2010 2:42pm
ummmm..Que tetas tiene Victoria!!! preciosas sin duda, que pena que solo tenga un video....
Added on 09/26/2010 1:35am
Victoria has a very sexy body, but the video in my opinion gets a D because all she does is play with her tits. Don't get me wrong, they're fantastic tits, but I wanted to see that sweet pussy. When she finally gets to it with her vibro, she makes the mistake of covering it up with her hand. I have to fault the cameraman too, because he did not move to a better position so the viewer could see the action.

Victoria is wonderful, camera work is shoddy. That's my critique.
Jason Haynus
Added on 09/09/2010 10:36am
I concur with Billy, I wanna see her doing the nasty. But regardless she is beautiful with succulent breasts and a nice round ass to boot. Love it, and i will definalely be watching for more from this beauty.
Added on 06/26/2010 3:08pm
Victoria's body is superb! Beautiful curves everywhere! Lovely face. I get hard just looking at her!
Added on 05/06/2010 7:06pm
i want to see her get fucked
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