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Our three weeks of "Treasure Chests of the D.R." concludes in a big way with Vanessa Del putting on a tit show, then showing us how she loves to fuck. The lusty look of horniness she always has on her face gives that away, but here, we get to see actual proof. When this scene opens, JJ-cup Vanessa is on a bed in an outdoor cabana. Her tits are pouring out of a lingerie top, and she's playing with them and swinging them into the camera. She bounces them hands-free and somehow doesn't give herself a black eye. By the way, her top still hasn't come off. Finally, she takes out her tits and continues the show, then wiggles her ass, and at this point we're starting to forget that this is supposed to be a boy-girl scene. When she smacks her own ass, the sound is loud. Finally, the lucky stud shows up, and he goes right for her tits, kneading and sucking, much to Vanessa's pleasure. But it's his cock that she wants, and she goes down and stuffs her mouth with his man-meat, bulging her cheeks.
Featuring: Vanessa Del and John Strange
Date: May 14th, 2010
Duration: 21:35

Member Comments

9 months ago 
I'm full in love with you Vanessa, very soft & Sexy slim plump with your anonymous soft saggy breasts big nipples and I love to slip my hard horny cock behind you then I will Slap hard & loud over half an hour none stop Cum in u many times you giving me the best Pleasuring Sex, nice smooth silky dark skin. oxo
3 years ago 
I just pretend that Vannessa is looking at me and I enjoy every
second . Vanessa can do no wrong in any pictorial or video. I
am a fan forever and totally anamored with this amazing latina
5 years ago 
so..lovely & sexy with huge soft tits...I love to do doggy style & I wiil cum inside you 2-3 times with in half an hour..."slap your Ass loud"..
5 years ago 
Vanessa is so hot. I loved the titfuck, and seeing her massive brown jugs flop around
during reverse cowgirl was fantastic. I would say that as far as I am concerned,
these girls who don't speak english shouldn't be force-fed english words and phrases.
I'd rather Vanessa spouts off in spanish while she fucks then say, "oh, I'm so horny"
or some other line that she obviously doesn't understand.
7 years ago 
Boring and Mechanic + the guy has a small dick.
7 years ago 
The girls are beautiful and hot, however, I must agree with Downsider. I've been to DR, it's a humpsters delight, thatnks for bringing the girls to the screen
7 years ago 
What a difference two years makes. Two years ago Vanessa outboobed Kristina. Now Kristina easily and convincingly outboobs Vanessa.
7 years ago 
Vanessa= Fail!
7 years ago 
This is bad. Boring! Great tits and body but she needs to do something with it. This is not porn.
7 years ago 
She looks at the camera the ENTIRE TIME. Fail.
8 years ago 
this entire movie could not have looked more faked I am 100% with Downsider. She is so busy looking at camera that there is no way that the fuck session is good
8 years ago 

TOTALLY AGREE with them looking into the camera! I hate that!!!! It completely ruins the fantasy. I have a friend that's photographer for *******, etc, and we've talked about that! And she's convinced that's what we like (probably because that's the way it's always been done,) but it completely ruins it.
8 years ago 
Completely unerotic.
There's a lot more, so to speak, to an XL girl than her tits.
And you should never let the performers look into the camera. They can't really sell the fantasy that they're fucking the person watching, and whatever fucking they are doing is ruined by the break in their concentration.
Apart from serviceable camera work and set lighting, this is pedestrian work. It's an industrial-ed piece on fucking.

Go to a museum and look at some 18th-century art to see how to depict lusciousness and desirability in a large-bodied woman. It's not just tits, boys.
8 years ago 
luckiest guy ever seen (he got mio, vanessa, & kristina)

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