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Finger In The Pie

Featuring: Sarah Rae
Date: October 25th, 2012
Duration: 18:31
Popular XL Girl Sarah Rae has two cherry pies she wishes to share. It would be in your best interest to join her at the table and indulge your sweet tooth. Her kitchen apron is minimal concealment for her sexy lingerie. Her ass looks hot in it. Her tits are severely stressing that sheer, flimsy top. Wait until Sarah loses the Suzy homemaker apron. Sleek stocking and stacked heels complete her hot pie-maker outfit. Maybe this is not a standard uniform for your baker but it is for ours. Sarah calls herself on Twitter, "Just a normal, big-boobed Jewish girl with a lot of dreams, a good sense of humor and a strange affinity for shaking her massive tits all over the internet.." Take care not to lose it when Sarah takes out her boobs at 3:40 of this freshly-baked video. is not responsible for seizures or falling backwards out of your chair when you see her incredible body once again.

What Members are saying about this update...

March 30, 2017
lovely heavy hangers and a tight wet pussy!
February 08, 2016
Oh Sarah, You are so red hot exotic sexy in this video that you have made my cock dick so rock solid hard I just dream about putting my dick all the way up in your wet sweet slick shave pussy and fuck you so hard and give you the most intense pleasure you give me. I want to first make love to those amazing sagging big natural great breast that are so amazing that even seeing you play with them it is hard to believe they could be so natural and amazing that I want to suck on them and try to suck them all the way in my mouth and make those sweet nipples as hard as my dick. You are really amazing in this video and I want to eat your sweet cherry pie cunt which is so girley nice looking. Also thanks for keeping those sexy shoes on all the way through the video. You are really great at what you do and please do lots more and cum back real soon and often so I can shoot my hot burning man seed sperm and dream that it was all the way up inside you and then very slowly it would seep out so you could taste how sweet my cum is. Such a great job.
May 17, 2013
Nice little screamer. And what a pair of huge hefty hangers you have miss Rae!
December 27, 2012
She's wonderfull,would like to eat a pie with her :P
December 21, 2012
Is this the only place i can see sarah rae? cause i want more
November 01, 2012
Sarah Rae it is beyond super cool that you take the time to throw some written love to your fans in the Blog, that is rad beyond belief! I have to say, the credit goes to you gorgeous for nature, amazing charizma, genetics and the whims of the universe did you right. You're a hottie knockout and it's really that simple. I love your work and hope you are on dvd soon. All your work with TSG has been crazy hot and I totally dig it! You are sexy to the moon with beauty through the roof! I love ya honey, keep doing the great stuff you do!

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