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Checking out the spectacular body of sexy XL Girl Nikki Smith killing a dental floss suit, her booty call thinks that Nikki looks fit to be tied. Miss Smith's high heels push her plush tush out even more and enhance her curves. He sticks a ball gag in her sexy mouth and shows her the ropes. His philosophy is walk softly and carry a big paddle for huge-chested girls. XL Girls usually never gets wrapped up in the BDSM scene--it's not our thing--but since Nikki told the editors that she's into bondage in her sex life, the studio thought they'd try some experimentation with this willing subject as a prelude to a carnal coupling. Does Nikki Smith look hot bound, gagged and helpless with a deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes? We think so. Of course, this kind of thing can only go so far before the need for some good old-fashioned fucking has to happen because most BDSM isn't about sex. Miss Smith's sexy and all that with a ball gag in her mouth, but gagging on a hard cock in her mouth is more fun and Nikki would agree if she could speak. So Nikki's date does the gentlemanly thing and unties her so he can fuck her nicely after removing the gag and feeding her his stiff wood. Seeing her in action, it's obvious that she loves fucking much more than getting into a tight bind.
Featuring: Nikki Smith and Levi Cash
Date: March 21st, 2018
Duration: 21:03

Member Comments

This gives me lots of ideas to do with my wife
sexy lady:):)
Chris -

Funny you mention that... Angel and I were just talking about the same exact thing.
We both think it would be fun! You never know, keep your eyes out for us someday ;)

HELL YES BIG TITTIES AND ROPE GO TOGETHER! Get this girl together with Angel DeLuca
(she's a dom) and let's have a dom/sub scene next *two thumbs up*
@jim - it's the fans/members that I do this for. I absolutely love reading the comments and the Scoreland blog & getting your guys feedback. Threesome? Maybe - never know! ;)

@marilyn - haha! Are you next?? ;) xoxo girl!
such a hot scene! I love seeing her naked and gagged!
Thank you Nikki for responding to your fans comments, it shows that you are special and you appreciate us as much as we appreciate you and what you do. You are not only beautiful and sexy on the outside, you are as beautiful and sexy on the inside. I can't wait to see a lot more of you, horefully in the near future, maybe a threesome ? That would be awesome.
@Jack - Thank you :) I hope I stick around, as well! I love the SCORE Group!
Threesome? Ya never know! ;)

@mrkiwi - thank you thank you for being such an awesome and dedicated fan. I
appreciate all your support, truly!

@Jim - I am glad you liked it! It was fun testing the boundaries and doing something
a little different! I hope to keep cuming and cuming and cuming for you all :D
Nikki is so damn hot in this video. Just enogh bondage to make it exciting and different from your regular videos, but not too much. Nikki has a beautiful body, I love her big fat fuckable tits ( I could suck on them forever ) , that nice big shapely ass and sweet looking pussy makes you want to dive in face first and eat away before you fuck her. Please keep this beautiful sexy woman cuming our way.
nikki is stunning 5 stars isnt enough :P
damn your hot nikki
I like this girl mucho. I hope she stays at XL for a long time. I would like to see more. Threesome?

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