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Bikini Blowout

Featuring: Nikki Smith
Date: September 6th, 2012
Duration: 11:25
Nikki Smith's first video takes her poolside so she can show us her great body in a sexy bikini before she strips it off to expose every succulent inch of flesh. "I'm very comfortable with the attention that my breasts bring. I've received a lot of attention because of them since I was young so it's just second nature now. I have to have my bras custom ordered. I try to have a couple of different styles: low-cut, full-support and of course, a couple of cute dress-up bras. I tend to strip the bra off as soon as I get home." The girl-next-door type, Nikki gets hit on a lot, which is not surprising at all. "I am not a huge fan of pick-up lines but the one that stands out in my memory the most is 'Don't tell my wife but you make me really want to have an affair!' Seriously? That was his pick-up line!" As for getting off at home, Nikki says, "I used to be very simple with my masturbation, fingering myself while watching porn. Only recently after becoming a cam model did I realize the fun a toy can bring. While I enjoy my private porn time with my vibrator, I think my most exciting and strongest orgasms come while I am interacting with my fans and friends online.".

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December 01, 2012
nikki is gorgeous she is awesome
September 19, 2012
What heavy breasts to enjoy
September 08, 2012
Nikki is a incredibly beautiful shapely woman. She has a pretty face and a body that is worth dieing for. Her tits are incredible and are capped off with perfect nipples. She has a nice round meaty ass and a sweet looking pussy and a nice plush belly. I would love to see a lot more of this amazing beauty and if we are lucky maybe we can see her in some XXX action. I could only imagine Nikki sucking on a hard cock, or watching her getting fucked and seeing those amazing tits swaying back and forth. and see her take a load of cum on that pretty face or all over those incredible tits, that would be awesome.
September 07, 2012
great job finding her!!!! She is awesome !! Absolutely beautiful!!!
September 06, 2012
hope to see more of nikki in the future!

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