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XLGirls has a super-special surprise. A rare threesome is the plan. In fact, it's The Black-Up Plan with our special guests Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard, back for their second go-round to these Hallowed Halls of Hooters and Heinies. These two lovelies will be serenading Mr. Lucas with their two on one show and he in turn will conduct with his bologna-baton. To open up the proceedings and provide the pre-bed briefing, our esteemed V-mag editor Maria video-chats with Molly and Marilyn for a few minutes right before this super-heated killa of a thrilla. The girls are stoked, anxious and eager to get it on, but not nervous. It's Marilyn's first threesome on camera. They talk about blow jobs first. "I like a lot of variety," says Marilyn.
Date: July 19th, 2012
Duration: 37:37

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Great Video! Can't wait for the next scene with those two!
5 years ago 
this vid kicked my ass the other day....bigtime. I've become a fan of these two models and they both are SUPER HOT on fire. A couple of things just sent me through the roof: Marilyn gets on her knees doggy style and shakes her ass back and forth as the dude piles into her and she squeaks with her getting fucked voice; that whole part of the vid killed me. Also, Molly is on her back getting plowed and she pulls back her leg in a split style which totally shows she is a former gymnast and shes flexible. Her legs and torso really turn me on as she spreads and shows that juicy pussy. Both these chicks make my cock blow up since they are both way fucking sexy. Other than those specifics, this segment is total money and one I can revisit easily. Love the work Marilyn, Molly and TSG.
5 years ago 
I agree that Maria is an awesome interviewer! Thanks for your awesome comments Ramjet, Gohar, Jay, and Thank you... P.s. Thank you, I love the fact that you and your wife get watch me and molly :] hehe
5 years ago 
These two girls are two of my favorites, and now they show me they do girl/girl threesomes! My wife (who's
gorgeous and athletic) love our soft thick hotties. We'd have a blast w/ u girls. Thanks for this video ladies. Best
of luck.
5 years ago 
great vid hot girls
5 years ago 
That is the movie that I want to watch again and again. . . .

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