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Soft Curves For Hard Men

Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: December 27th, 2012
Duration: 16:48
"I prefer to wait. I go on a few dates to make sure before I go all the way. I think it is better when you wait. I like a man to kiss me all over my body. I want him to make me feel like a queen. I also like it when a man tastes my pussy. That is the best feeling. That is what makes me orgasm the fastest. Sometimes, it is not the actual sex, but the foreplay and the touching before it that makes me feel good." "I titty-fuck the men in my life. I think that all it takes is about ten minutes, maximum, and then a guy will cum.

What Members are saying about this update...

May 07, 2015
With these terrible and holy weapons,this godess can make of thousands of males her obedient slaves!!!!
April 29, 2014
One of this site's
elite, along with my
favs Charlie Cooper,
devin Taylor.
April 01, 2013
Her breasts are so beautiful. Mickys body commands me to worship.
January 02, 2013
sorry to double dip but I can't help it. The segment is WAY hot. I can hardly keep from breaking out and juicing my dripping cock. She is on fire..the way she teases the camera with those pursed lips and those vixen-esque eyes framed by that illustrious face and heavenly ultra dream body..fuck me can you blame my jack fever? She likes it when a man tastes her pussy....honey I'll swim in your pussy as I know I am exceptionally great at it, sensual touch gets you off...? I can help for sure. She puts on JUST a corset and panties and my cock is MORE than panting. She gets on the bed and boosts that luscious ass to the viewer and camera whilst her beautiful huge tits sway and her eyes gaze upon the camera; my cock is like an ice cream cone in downtown Miami in August....dripping and drooling fast. She does an awesome job playing with her gorgeous box in front of the mirror and then eventually lays on the bed with legs spread and man, her legs lay out and spread beautifully and I mean smooth and creamily inviting. Micky is gorgeousness defined and she catalyzes a massive amount of fantasy for me...I totally love this model and will continue to get all she does with TSG.
January 02, 2013
In a similar and parallel manner with what I just wrote about Natalie, I find Micky to be on the same level in my world. Stunning rockstar beauty who devastates anything she wears with ease. The real deal is that she is so fucking beautiful of face, hair eyes with such a curvaliciouos body that my cocks rivets through my pants with no regard. She is just SO hot, I really can't take it. As most of your other rockstar models, I own all she has done with TSG and will continue to eagerly purchase whatever she does with you all. She is so fucking foxy it makes my cock way hard. When she says she titty fucks the men in her I can hardly imagine what it would be like to be a man in her life...she is painfully gorgeous and glamourous. I will always be super stoked to see what she does in her modelling career. Now if I could just get her number...
January 01, 2013

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