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XLGirls continues with the debut of juicy and luscious Marilyn White, a green-eyed, 21 year-old adult store clerk who works next-door to a strip club. She tries hot, sexy modeling for the first time and does a smokin' job of it. Actually with a body like Marilyn has, perfect for XLGirls, she could just stand there and dangle her extremely sensitive, tan-lined 38H melons capped by large areolae. She has a girl-next-door vibe and likes reading, laser tag, video games, playing pool, bowling and clubbing. "I also like to play football with my guy friends from time to time," says Marilyn. "I'd honesty rather play sports than watch any. Some of the dancers and I have talked about going topless canoeing. I used to be a gymnast so I'm pretty flexible even now. I absolutely adore tattoos and piercings. And I have a back fetish; I like a man with a nice, strong, sexy back." Marilyn likes to dress to show off her chest.
Featuring: Marilyn White
Date: October 7th, 2011
Duration: 37:50

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Damn her face is cute as hell. And those huge, soft, pale, jiggly
tits r great. Seeing her thick ass and thigh in the air as she's
stuffing both holes is amazing.
6 years ago 
Wow! You did good finding her. Want to c much more.
6 years ago 
i hope to see her get fucked soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago 
Juicy, luscious, scrumptious, delicious, yummy ! Let me look up some more words.

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Marilyn White has a leak in her basement so she calls a plumbing service. The Two Tonys show up and Marilyn describes the problem. They offer to fix Marilyn's leak. That the yummy XL Girl has huge "melon-bags" as Tony 1 calls them is an inducement to help her. Marilyn says she's going upstairs to see if she can afford the job and leaves to check her finances. The Two Tonys in the basement inspect the damage. They hear a noise upstairs and rush up to investigate thinking something bad has happened. Little do they know. When they get upstairs, they find Marilyn has taken her skirt off and is fingering her pie on the couch. Startled and embarrassed, Marilyn stops what she's doing. But the guys are pleased and they're ready to service her. Marilyn explains that she was turned on by the thought of them in her house and she couldn't help it. She needed to cum thinking about them. Then she asks them if they want to "help her out." Help Marilyn out? She's hot, pretty and she has big boobs. Who would turn down this unexpected opportunity? They each suck a nipple and finger Marilyn's increasingly wet pussy. Any leaks are promptly forgotten. The Two Tonys pull out their cocks and feed them to Marilyn. She opens her mouth wide and they take turns sliding their sausages into her throat. They've found their customer of the month! Hopefully, they'll give Marilyn a discount on the repair but you never know. Who will have the honor of fucking Miss White first?
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When Marilyn first hit XL Girls magazine, F.S. from San Diego wrote to the "Weighing In" letters section: "I had to do a double take when I saw Marilyn White. She looks exactly like this woman I had an encounter with once. In fact, I was convinced it was her until I saw Marilyn's location and realized that we live nowhere near each other. The girl was seriously Marilyn's twin. The girl worked in a clothing store that I was shopping in. As soon as I walked in my attention was glued to her." It seems Marilyn made quite an impression on F.S. Well, it's been over a year since we last published a set of Marilyn White ("Tan-lined Teaser"). We're happy to say that Marilyn's returned to XLGirls. The editors had run out of pictures and videos and asked about the chances of bringing her back. We were hoping this wasn't a case of a girl having a fling with exposing her assets and then moving on like many have. It wasn't, we are glad to say. When we first met Marilyn, she was a sales associate at an adult store that had a strip club in the back. She talked in her first video about her experiences selling sex toys and magazines, dealing with customers and working the counter. Now she's a dancer herself and working the steel pole for the entertainment jollies of the lucky local T&A hounds. So Marilyn was eager to get back to the big show here at XL Girls when the call of the wild went out to her. In this video, Marilyn tells our cameraman what she's been up to and shows us some of the moves that she does at the club. It's nice to see a full-figured babe like Marilyn dancing in a strip club since club managers in general are usually fixated on thin girls barely breaking D-cups. Here's a girl with lots and lots of sweet sweatermeat and a fine big butt. Just imagine getting a lap dance from her. You'd never want to leave the joint. And here's something to prepare for. Start the countdown for Marilyn White in her first hardcore XXX scene. She'll be working a different kind of pole and we're anxious to see her in action.
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