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Casually dressed for humid, tropical weather, Jennica Lynn walks into the living room of this island retreat and sits at a glass table. She finds it intriguing and immediately plops her big M-cup boobs on it.

With a smile and a laugh, she pushes her tank-top-clad boobs against the glass. This is called "mamming," the act of laying breasts on top of a flat surface. At first, Jennica teases. Then she lifts up her top and shows her magnificent mounds of joy.

Jennice leans forward and mams her naked boobs on the table. The photographer gets under the glass and points his lens upward. Jennica flattens them on the glass. More boob games follow.

Most people look at a glass table and see a glass table. A TSG staff member looks at a glass table and sees many photo ops and fun things to record with a girl as stacked as Jennica Lynn! Read More »
Featuring: Jennica Lynn
Date: December 10th, 2013
Duration: 6:07

Member Comments

1 year ago 
@Chubby chaser, it sure is! elbows though! heheh..
3 years ago 
I guess it is okay to put your breasts on the table!

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