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Janet Jade is one of the best big-boobed girls of the decade. Her tits are beautiful and perfect. But Janet doesn't think so even though we insist they are. "I guess I don't like that I can't wear just anything, like the cute tube tops and the cute bras," she said. "They just don't fit, and if I tried to wear them, I'd be falling out all over the place. What I like about them? I don't know. They look good in most clothes. Guys like them, which is good." We need more allies in our quest to make Janet understand her boobs are blessed and we need to keep enjoying them! Read More »
Featuring: Janet Jade
Date: August 5th, 2009
Duration: 20:11

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Perfection is Janet Jade.
6 years ago 
I love Janet! She is so
super sexy!
7 years ago 
A truly gorgeous woman. She puts on a very nice show. Thanks, Janet.
7 years ago 
janet i definitely agree with billy, i think if you put on a bit more weight in your stomach and sides youd be breathtaking
8 years ago 
Amen to what billy said.
8 years ago 
janet jade is the most perfectly put together woman on the planet

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