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Her Mammary Majesty

Featuring: Diane Poppos
Date: January 20th, 2012
Duration: 24:57
You all know by now that Diane Poppos is back in the game after nearly ten years of self-imposed retirement. If not, check out her video interview with the same two editors, Dave and Elliot, who interviewed Diane at SCORE in 2002. The fact is, though, once a model, always a model. No one ever gets it out of her system. Every former model thinks about it, even if she does nothing about those feelings. Diane decided to yield to her yearnings and contacted us. It wasn't expected at all but we were not caught with our pants down in a compromising position. Arrangements were swiftly made. Every returning model is a celebratitty with us! Diane proves she hasn't lost her touch in this new video, "Her Mammary Majesty." Her tits are bigger and she's still as sexy as ever. There will be oil for those huge sucklers to be coated with and Diane will be digitizing her hot pussy-hole to a pleasurable pitch.

What Members are saying about this update...

January 15, 2016
Oh Diane, You are so pretty and beautiful and that amazing mature body is just outstanding. Those unbelievable big sagging breast are just simply amazing and hard to believe even though seeing this video it is still hard to believe. Just watching you play and massage them makes my man cock dick so rock hard that it just tingles and jerks and throbs so much that it just gives me a wonderful feeling all over and just thinking about worshiping them with wet kisses and sucking on those nipples to make them so hard and when you go down to that wet pussy I just want to stick my long hard tongue all the way up in you and suck out every last drop of that sweet nector cum juice which I know would taste so good. Thank you so very, very much for cuming back and letting us see what an amazing job you can still do to make our dicks so hard. Please continue to do more video's like this one and cum back real soon and often. Also thank you so much for keeping those sexy fuck shoes on all the way through.
May 28, 2015
She looks a million times better now. When is she coming back for hardcore? She'd look great slurping on some huge cock.
May 23, 2015
when is she coming back or doing hardcore? Please bring her back
August 02, 2013
Happy birthday, Diane!
August 17, 2012
Dianne is beyond beautiful and clearly, many TSG brethren feel this way. She is so painfully sexy and hot and pretty much a dream lady that emodies pure fantasy. She is so fucking sexy and hot that she is an amazing and a deeply popular model with TSG but her beauty is such that as I go through my daily life, I have hope to see as lovely a woman who has the beauty and statuesque curves that Dianne does. In other words, she represents a lady we could all happen to see in real life...except she's Dianne Poppos with TSG and thus the greatest. Point being, she harkens the look of a normalcy and a beautiful woman that can be admired in the world of real life. This segment is so so hot and I am so grateful it made it to DVD. I am super hopeful that TSG has more footage in the vault that they'll put on DVD in the future....or beter yet, Dianne will be coming back for more print and DVD work with TSG in the not too distant future. I will always love this stunning lady and she is go to in my book, especially with this vignette.
May 15, 2012
trop bonne

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