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Amiee Roberts is the new girl at XL Girls' office. Besides her obvious talents at nude modeling and sex with porn cock, Amiee is a good hire because she's great at office administration and other job duties. Jimmy is a manager at XL Girls and is also known as the office pervert. He'll walk around the building looking at girls and squeezing his hot nuts. He knows no shame. Spotting huge-boobed Amiee at various times, he checks out her heavy tits and big ass in her miniskirt and goes into his routine. One day, Amiee walks into his office and introduces herself. As a manager, he wastes no time in introducing Amiee to his style of deep throating and sloppy blow jobs. Amiee picks it up fast and before long, they're doing a couch coupling copulation. As a show of managerial approval, he treats Amiee to a liquid lunch.
Featuring: Amiee Roberts and Jimmy Dix
Date: April 21st, 2017
Duration: 17:42

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Amiee Roberts sets up houses for sale for Mr. Dix, a real estate broker. He's a tough boss. Today is an open house and Dix checks with the bodaciously built Amiee to see if the place is ready. Then he checks out what she's wearing. Amiee's ready to shred a skin-tight red dress that doesn't hide that crazy-hot body and huge tits. Mr. Dix does not approve. He's worried that female customers would be turned-off. Female jealousy and all that. Amiee points out that they might get male customers because of her 40H-cup super-breasts. Dix doesn't accept her opinion. Amiee hasn't brought a change of clothing so Dix takes her upstairs to see if the owner of the house left any clothes in her closets. The closets are empty and there's no time for Amiee to go home and change. At this critical point before people start showing up to see the house, Amiee thinks it's a good idea to take her tits out of her dress and show them to her boss. We like how she thinks. Mr. Dix turns out to be as tough a one-day stand as he is an employer. Her boss is a total prick and that's how Amiee likes it. They undress and get into bed where Dix finds his dick fits very nicely into Amiee's talented mouth. He likes having his balls licked and his girls gagging and drooling on his boner, so he trains Amiee to like it his way! Ever the gentleman, after boning Amiee and treating the blonde bombshell to a facial, he tells her to clean up the bedroom before the people show up. She begins by swallowing some of his cum.
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First XXX
Before Amiee Roberts gets to jump on Tony Rubino and vice versa, she has to honor the tradition of a chat with XL Girls magazine editor Dave. It's like the ride through the tunnel of love at the carnival except the lights are on. He hands Amiee the spring 2016 issue of XL Girls and tells her to go to page 29. "That is!" says a surprised Amiee. "I think it's sexy, both online and in the magazine but the magazine is, like, wow! I feel like...I'm published. It's real. I've never been in a magazine before." Is Amiee nervous? "It's scary but exciting," Amiee tells Dave. It's her first time doing a boy-girl scene. Exciting because she's doing something out of her comfort zone but it's something she wants to do. "This is probably one of the biggest, new things I've done since last year's solo video." Pretty good considering that coming back for a XXX scene was not on Amiee's mind last year when she originally modeled. XL Girls: Amiee, what did you think of your first boy-girl scene with Tony Rubino? Amiee: I thought it was awesome. He made me feel very comfortable and he was easy on the eyes. XL Girls: Did you have a conversation with Tony and the cameraman about the scene before the shoot? Amiee: Yes, more with the cameraman, but, yes, Tony as well. XL Girls: How different was it from sex back home? Amiee: Sex at home has emotion and here you just let go and live out something like a fantasy with no attachments. I love that part. And now, on with the show.
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