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Vanessa Del, a name synonymous with lush, plush, tropical tetas and a booty made for spanking. Vanessa jiggles and wiggles on a staircase, shoving her bountiful gifts at the camera. Recognizing her greatness and her dedication to promoting all things Dominican, especially Dominican melons, Largo, standing by, awards Vanessa with the medal of honor, namely his face and banana. While he tries to pin it on her, Vanessa pummels him with those massive jugs, Vanessa's own special way of rewarding an hombre. They retreat to the shady veranda so Vanessa can swallow his tubemeat where it's cooler, preparing it for placement in her colossal cleavage, a crevice where many before Largo have gotten lost. It would be no surprise if a few guys were still trapped in that valley of voluptuousity. Tit-fucking Vanessa is an endeavor of pleasure and could last for an hour. But Largo must tear himself away from banging her bazongas so he can present Vanessa's pussy with his medal also. Her eyes light up as he fills her snatch, their hips pounding out a merengue. Here's a woman who loves the coconuts and their juice all over her melons.
Featuring: Vanessa Del and Juan Largo
Date: March 11th, 2011
Duration: 20:55

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Elle est bonne
2 years ago 
In all of Scoreland and for that matter, Vannessa in all the world , I nominate you the most beautiful and the most sexiest woman in the universe.
2 years ago 
Fuck, Vanessa, you give me an XL hard on!!!
3 years ago 
On the scale of one to ten Vannessa Del is a 20 . The woman is perfect.
3 years ago 
On the scale of one to ten Vannessa Del is a 20 . The woman is perfect.
5 years ago 
Vanessa, I want to marry you.
6 years ago 
Vanessa is a killer babe and I am a fan forever...more DVD work please gorgeous. This scene is from Busty brown Sugar and it is sweet! I LOVE the stairs scene a ton as it shows her incredible curves and beauty encased in a dress which so flatters her and makes my cock rock hard. The blowjob scence kicks ass as she sucks his cock and goes for her pussy a bit too. the rest is outstanding too especially the doggie shots...this honeys makes me so horny, I love it.
6 years ago 
Wow, I'm speechless. What an amazing woman. Nice shoes.
7 years ago 
Fantastic! More please! I love to see Vanessa's huge tits in motion. It would be wonderful if you can you get her bouncing naked (NO knickers please!) on a trampoline and/or jogging completely NAKED with her big tits bouncing vigorously (No hands stopping her tits moving) !! (She did a great video before, on another site, while she was totally naked on a treadmill and jumping enthusiastically!).
7 years ago 
Splendid! Vanessa Del has such wonderful boobs. She is also very sexy. More please!
7 years ago 
Mere words cannot do justice to Vanessa's remarkable beauty: that big smile, that sweet voice and those monumental breasts. Vanessa I bow to you, my dear!

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