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Sweater Expander

Featuring: Renee Ross
Date: May 27th, 2011
Duration: 22:15
Congratulations, Renee Ross. The voters have spoken. Renee (Tits, Tits, Tits!) is now Voluptuous Model of the Year for 2010 beating Ashley Sage Ellison and a score of great girls. She is the covergirl of June '11 V-mag to announce this win. Last year Ashley edged out Renee in the Newcomer of the Year contest. J.K. summed up the thoughts of many a silent fan by commenting: "To take Model Of The Year I think a girl must achieve a level of excitement beyond what the other girls are offering. There's a lot of worthy talent here, but nothing tops the excitement of Renee Ross going all the way to hardcore." But even on a body scale, Renee's physique alone and her gorgeous face, and her expressive, talkative personality merits this title. Renee is very quiet in this video in which she stretches out a sweater with her suckable, creamable knockers but her body gives you a big shout-out. Nowhere is her friendly, engaging nature more in view than in one of the greatest specials here, "Renee Ross Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma'am!" So check that out right away if you haven't.

What Members are saying about this update...

May 04, 2017
My fave video of this gorgeous woman... I would love to see it re-released as an HD mp4.
January 03, 2013
I can't believe I haven't written about how much this vignette kicks ass. In short, huge tits on a GORGEOUS model whose every inch is beyond delicious. She masturbates and uses that sweeet dildo to perfection all the while having her huge mammoth tits supported in a visual centerpiece of a sweater.....oh pitter pat goes my racing heart...
May 21, 2012
oh,to behold such beauty surely is the dream of every woman but alas only the fairest of maidens can grace us with their presents
March 20, 2012
As this fairest of maidens what more can be said,from all of the stories that one has read ,to see her is a pleasure surely no other maiden may measure.To gaze at her long flowing locks of gold and her ivory coloured tips she is the one to behold.I could go on all night of this poetry take flight but no time is enough nor voyage too far that would equal the fair maiden that you are!
March 13, 2012
with a voice that's as sweet as mollasess and those bosoms to bring men by the masses to her celtic milky skin may she always win,the one she sees as she passes.
February 21, 2012
with her long flowing gold cascading off her shoulders and her ample bosom that would leave any man with a smile on his face for a lifetime,those who have actually been in the presence of this fairest of maidens have not far to go before reaching heaven!

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