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Enzo here couldn't wait to get his mitts latched onto Porsche Dali's massive 42GG tits and his rod into her gripping pussy. This is Porsche's first time at XLGirls and she's starting things off with a sexplosion. Porsche is brand new and we're sure you XL Guys will love her ass (and the rest of her). "I grew up in a very strict Christian home," says Porsche. "I had always been told to wait to have sex after I was married. I met a guy from the next town over and he swept me off my feet. It was a cold, dark night in the middle of November. He took me to the lake outside of town and led me down to the beach. There he laid me down and fucked me senseless. I am sure that is where I picked up my exhibitionist tendencies.
Featuring: Porsche Dali and Enzo Lorenzo
Date: December 10th, 2010
Duration: 17:02

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Why is there no save to disk button?
7 years ago 
Dear Porsche: you are a sweet girl with a lovely body. Thank you for your own nice comments to us!
7 years ago 
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I can't wait to get back in front of the camera for you!


Porsche Dali
7 years ago 
Of fuck, you're right, I didn't even notice he was missing a finger, but then I fast forward right by any sections where the dude's face is visible. It's distracting, but one could film around it, dick work should be all that matters for the dude. I hate that I'll know the name of the guy behind the dick when I watch this, all I'll think about is "Enzo" with the missing finger!
7 years ago 
Agree w/ everything the first guy said, and seeing a guy with only 4 fingers trying to finger a girl was awkward and disgusting...almost ruined the video. NEED MORE of HER ASS.
7 years ago 
Okay, look, when you have a really nice round girl like this facing the camera and bouncing up and down, make sure the dude keeps his head behind the body! His face poking out ruins the shot, and that goes for the side fuck shots too, we don't want to see his Junior Bonner style mug peeking up over her shoulder, yuch, gay!! Otherwise the camera work was okay, except I think it's a shame her bottom wasn't featured in at least one shot, preferably reverse cowboy. Next time hopefully, I know there are time limits, for good commercial reasons. Leave 'em wanting more.

Oh, and by the way, there is absolutely zero reason why we needed to know the dude's name. This is XL Girls, not XL Enzo.
7 years ago 
Porsche is gorgeous. She has skills and is quite vocal. More Please!
7 years ago 
Now this is a great scene. Porsche has skills and is very vocal. More please!
7 years ago 
Now that is an incredibly hot sex tape. Porsche's sexual skill is clearly evident in ths video. I would love to see her with pubic hair.

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