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Behind the Scenes with Kristina Milan

Featuring: Kristina Milan
Date: April 29th, 2010
Duration: 3:54
The first great thing about this behind-the-scenes clip is that we get to hear Kristina's voice. Kristina doesn't speak English, so we had one of our videographers ask her questions in Spanish and interpret her answers. The second great thing about this clip is the sight of Kristina's amazing, lactating J-cups dripping milk. Now, when most women are lactating, they need a little help-a squeeze or a suck-to get the milk out. But Kristina stands there without even touching her tits and it's just drip, drip, drip. Like a leaky faucet! And then, sometimes, the milk comes out of her in a steady stream. The clip is short but sweet, a good primer for tomorrow's boy-girl video, when Kristina sends her milkers into hardcore action!

What Members are saying about this update...

December 26, 2015
Kristina is abeauty... And to watch milk oozing from her nipples in her huge areolas centres is fantastic
July 09, 2012
what a baby doll awesome!
November 01, 2011
This woman is a 10 all the way!!
July 28, 2010
FUCK !!!
Who the fuck need a cow, when you have such a huge milking factory. I bet those are gonna give 8 pints of milk. EASILY
July 06, 2010
OMFG what a stunner!
Those huge milk leaking tits are truly amazing!
June 23, 2010
Her tits are exploding with milk ..did she delivered a baby or something ?

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