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Jennica Lynn has tremendous personality and charisma both in person and on-camera. In her videos and still pictorials, she has an instinctive ability to make you feel as if you are the only guy, as if you were actually in the room with her. The Sweden-born UK resident was a natural to get into modeling instead of the 9-to-5 grind.

There's a standing bedroom mirror Jennica looks into during "Sweater Girl" and the view is beautiful from both angles. What does this dream girl do to make a guy friend feel special? Besides actually letting him have the privilege of entering her personal space?

Says Jennica, "In bed I ask him what his fantasies are and fulfill them. He should do the same for me. Out of bed, I'll surprise a guy with treats, trips and he should do this for me."

Does Jennica let a guy know when she's interested, or does she play hard to get?

"Of course, I let him know. Well, it depends on if I'm interested. Otherwise, I may tease him a bit. We can small talk a little… Read More »
Featuring: Jennica Lynn
Date: September 1st, 2015
Duration: 13:01

Member Comments

1 month ago 
Beautiful orgasm, would have love to have been inside her when she came! 16/10
2 years ago 
I think I've just seen THE perfect female body!
2 years ago 
I love you Jennica. !!!!
2 years ago 
wow my dick hasn't been this hard in a very long time
2 years ago 
total curvy super fantasy delcicious the last portion from above viewing all of this beautiful model writhing and gently moving her stunning gorgeous beautiful
2 years ago 
Jennica is stunning, one of the greatest models the Score group has ever featured - more please!
2 years ago 
I adore you Jennica! xxx
2 years ago 
Wow, look at those tits. I could get lost in those all day long. What a hottie!

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