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What Maids Do When The Boss Is Not In

Featuring: Haydee Rodriguez
Date: December 11th, 2009
Duration: 13:24
Haydee Rodriguez dramatizes a very real occurrence in today's society. Maids with very large bosoms not working when their employers are not home. Instead, these bra-busters play with their huge titties and tickle their coochies with large sex toys from Doc Johnson. XLGirls photographers set up a hidden camera and turned it on to catch Haydee as she transformed from house maid to orgasmic nymphomaniac in only a few minutes. Shocked? Don't be. This is happening thousands of times a day around the world, in your community and in ours. These maids need to be disciplined. That's why we're exposing their secret activities. This XLGirls video is also on DVD in Big Fat Tits. Running Time: 13:24.

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March 10, 2011
If I had a maid that looked like Haydee, she would not spend any time cleaning. She would be lying down with her cute blue uniform unbuttoned and my grateful lips on her beautiful, massive breasts!

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