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This Blouse-buster Will Kill Ya!

Featuring: Gya
Date: July 5th, 2011
Duration: 32:42
Meet Gya Roberts, a little known web-cam model who was picked to travel with the TSG crew to Montego Bay, Jamaica to co-star with fellow breast goddesses Micky Bells and Terri Jane in the DVD movie Montego Babes, now showing exclusively here at Gya is a cheery, jubilant, happy-go-lucky, robust girl with 34HH whoppers. She can suck her own nipples effortless, a rare talent for even the most topheavy girls. Like we mentioned before, Gya is a handful. She's lusty and has a great sense of humor. She loves life. Her personality is joyful and upbeat and it shows on film. "I love watching movies, travelling, bowling, going out with my friends and webcaming. I have a special gift to listen to other people. I like all kinds of men.

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February 01, 2016
Oh Gya, You still make my dick so rock solid hard it still wants to fuck you and make you feel as good as it does.
January 07, 2016
Oh Gya, You are so pretty and beautiful and red hot erotic sexy with that amazing body that you make my man dick so rock solid hard I just love watching you play and suck on those just amazing big wonderful sagging breast and hard nipples that I just want to play and caress them the way you do which makes me so hard. I also dream about getting down on my hands and knees and crawling every so slowly up to that sweet pink wet cunt pussy and very, very slowly circle around and around with my hard tongue on that erect clit and then stick my tongue all the way up in your pussy and eat it up and suck out every last drop of that sweet pussy nector juice which I know would taste so wonderful that it would make my cock dick explode with hot sizzling man juice sperm seed and make you have a screaming organism like you have never had. I only wish you had put your hot sexy fuck me shoes back on which only adds to my sexual pleasure which I hope you will keep on in the future. I know you were born to do what you do and give us so much sexual pleasure we can hardly stand it. Please continue to do more hot sexy video's like this one and cum back real soon and often. Your are the best at what you do.
January 22, 2015
Fuck. Yes.
November 12, 2011
I love her "sing-song fuck me"!!
August 04, 2011
This Blouse-buster named Gya will make me cum! (and cum again!)
July 19, 2011
What a thick and very busty treat this Gya is. I especially like the fact that she
constantly talks to the camera about how sexy she is just like Natalie Fiore. That
turns me on so much as I jerk off. Please keep her coming. This babe is worthy
of her own website and video.

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