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Big Knockin' Jugs

Featuring: Charlie Cooper and Juan Largo
Date: February 9th, 2016
Duration: 20:11
Charlie Cooper is very proud of her big tits and rightfully so. They are spectacular. The rest of her is equally spectacular. This is a superstar-level chick who is still in the "Top Rated" section of XL Girls. A favorite go-to girl for many, Charlie was urged and begged to pose by former boyfriends who read XL Girls and by other guys. It took some time. Said Charlie, "I have big boobs, and people have been telling me forever that I would be really good doing nude modeling because of my huge boobs. I've even had some boyfriends in the past who read your magazines and wanted to send my pictures in, but I always told them no. And finally my agent came to me with this offer, and I wanted to think about it. Then I didn't work with him anymore, but you guys tracked me down.

What Members are saying about this update...

January 10, 2018
I love having great sex with you in bed over two hours none stop doing few styles, slap you pretty loud with your very soft plump body very huge 47" huge soft tits, I cum in you heaps of times.
February 10, 2016
I have always loved Charlie...she never fails to deliver incredible beauty and a certain energy that is powerrfully sexy and gorgeous. She does it for me and is 'go-to' for life in my book. She is so fukn beautiful in clothes and she gives hot dresses (such as this shoot) or, t-shirt and jeans a reason for existence; (like the red shirt/jeans outdoor shoot she did early in her portfolio). Obviously, when she bares all, she is triple trifecta stunning with those huge delicious dream tits, gorgeous sexy shapely torso, ass and legs flanking a sweet pussy she's willing to give her fans and, all the while, atop her shoulders, is that arrestingly beautiful face, eyes and smile framed by those gorgeous treesses of dark hair....a sweetness and midwestern lilt in her voice, and I am deep in the haze of dreamy attraction. What a major honey that is pure dream and fantasy...I can and have watched this gorgeous model in all of her segments many-a-time over the years....they always are a sincere and rich pleasure in so many ways. Cheers to I wish she'd return for a swan song bevy of shoots and projects.

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